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5kits Reviews and the real 5kits website

Beware the scam website

A little bit of background

Anybody looking to buy HGH on the web will probably come across 5 kits HGH at some point. He has been selling high quality human growth hormone and other peptides for several years now. He originally operated from but this got closed down a few years back with the help of legitscript.  Legitscript was an attempt by the big pharmaceutical companies to stop YOU buying HGH from a vendor of your choice. They wanted you to buy only overpriced HGH from themselves. Anyway I digress.

The long and short of it was that got closed down and Zhao (the owner of the site) was forced to set up a new website

The scammer set up


During this time when the original website was down, somebody (it was probably an ex employee) decided to set up a scam website called People would then make orders with him believing it to be the original 5kits guy who had a great reputation. Then when they had paid their money they received either fake gear or no gear at all. Obviously this had a devastating effect on the reputation of the original 5kits website.

Check you are ordering from and NOT

The best way to stay safe when ordering HGH from the 5 kits website is to check the domain you are ordering from is If you see you know you are on the scam website. Also another way to protect your investment is to be careful where you are sending money to. The only time you should be suspicious is when you are asked to send money by Western union or Money Gram to CHINA. Anywhere else is fine. The true 5 kits owner is known to operate out of several countries and he will ship domestically from the USA, UK and sometimes Australia. great if you live in one of these countries (no customs to worry about)


Check the bitcoin address

If you are ordering by bitcoin make sure you send it to the correct bitcoin address. A bitcoin address is a bit like a bank account number. So it ensures the money goes to the correct place. Here is the genuine bitcoin address


I know Zhao uses several bitcoin addresses but if you insist on using the one above you will know that you have the right guy.

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