Posted on reviews reviews reviews are the same as the original scammer because its just another mirror site to rip off decent people. His modus operandi is always the same. He will take your order promising you he can get vast amounts of HGH through customs with no issues whatsoever. Sound too good to be true right? Well its is, thats why reviews always come back as a rogue scammer reviews
You are a fucking scammer all the reviews say it

Its the same old script thats why reviews are the same as his other sites

So the same thing is happening again. You make an order and send your money. Then wait, and keep waiting. You can wait as long as you want because you still wont be getting anything. But you are not worried right because you took out his offer of insurance. So if your order is stopped at customs and seized you will get your money back. Well it will never get seized (he’s telling the truth there) because it will never get sent.

I lost a shit load of money from this guy so Im doing all I can to stop anybody else going through the same process. If I can save just one person from getting scammed my efforts will have been worthwhile.

The only way you can stay safe is to order from the correct site which is  please always check the domain you are ordering from is the correct one or you will end up out of pocket.

He also has his main website which is also a scam website and more on that can be found here. Remember this scammer likes to spread about a lot of false information and fake news (very much in the news with Russia). This will sew doubt in the mind of the buyer. Remember all you have to do to stay safe is read the reviews on here and make sure you order form the real site